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an Unaffiliated Jewish Community serving the Tri-city area of Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Chino Valley & surrounding areas.

Kabbalat Shabbat zoom 4 pm MST during Daylight Savings Time every Friday eve unless otherwise noted here! please email to  request link.

Parashah summary below at end.

Greet every person with a pleasant face. 

Receive every person in a cheerful manner.- Ethics of the Fathers 1:15; 3:16"

Look deep into Nature, and then you  will understand everything better." Albert Einstein

"We have not inherited the earth from our ancestors --- we have borrowed it from our children." - ancient proverb.

The pandemic is now endemic epidemic and continuing with the omicron variants!  and then there are the flu and other respiratory challenges...Get vaccinated and boostered!  Use masks when prudent.  BE SAFE!

5784 Free Calendars are available now!   

Please call if you want one. Anyone needing a visit or meal, please call to arrange. 


all email is answered.  if you do not get a prompt response, please write again...  the gremlins may have been eating the mail...RSVP 928-227-0582 or Beit Torah 237-0390 or

We exist thanks to the donations of our members and other interested parties.  We are all volunteers and have no paid staff.  If you would like to give a donation to help us continue our  good works and pay for our overhead, please send your donations to:

Beit Torah c/o, 2004 Shoshone Dr., Chino Valley, AZ 86323

​At present, we have weekly zoom Friday evening Kabbalat Shabbat service. Please contact for zoom access information. There is no Saturday morning service at the moment.

Please contact Beit Torah 237-0390 for info or to arrange for special requests.

Our goal is to provide a safe place for people to go for spiritual enrichment and good company, in short a respite away from everyday concerns during the Sabbath and the Holy Days.


Also: Please be respectful of people with allergies and medical sensitivities by helping us make all activities free of fragranced products and other adverse odors such as tobacco smoke/residues, paint solvents, bug spray, etc.

Please note that we are meeting in private homes.  Anyone willing to volunteer their home or with other ideas on where we can meet, please call 237-0390 or write -


Although we are led by Rabbi Adele, we welcome topic suggestions for these events as well as volunteers to help conduct the services and programs.  We offer the opportunity for you to practice being a Jewish Lay Leader with hands-on experience!


Bar/Bat Mitzvah training as well as Hebrew lessons can be arranged on an individual basis.  Topics to be covered will be based on requests.  Conversational Hebrew, Basic Hebrew reading and prayers may be taught if requested.  Call Beit Torah to arrange. ​For further information or directions to specific events, please call Beit Torah at (928)237-0390 or write

Important notices:  Parashah summary below.

 This coming weekend is Shabbat HaGadol, Parashat Metzora.  This parashah contains methods of purification of the environment to prevent personal contamination. 

Zoom Kabbalat Shabbat Services 4 pm MST during Daylight Savings Time. [4 pm PDT, 5 pm MDT, 7 pm EDT]

Please email or call for link. We encourage all to be prudent, cautious, and safe!  ! 

The 5784 calendars are available- call to arrange to get a free one!   Torah services/ study also can be arranged. 

Call 928-237-0390!


We often have a double parasha, reading from the combined Parshiyot of Tazria and Metzora.  Due to leap year, this year we have Metzora this week after Tazria last. These are perhaps, for many, the two most uncomfortable portions of the Torah, dealing with all kinds of issues related to ritual purity and impurity. Some say: Ritual impurity, or tumah, has nothing to do with hygiene according to some sages. Instead, it is a spiritual state which prevents a person from participating in the worship life of the community. One becomes impure through a variety of means, all of which are perfectly natural, such as illness, childbirth, physical discharges and contact with a corpse. Purity and impurity are not related to good or evil. However, impurity is considered to be a spiritual disability - not agreed upon by certain sages such as the Rambam, see below.  Like the parasha before it, the discussion of ritual  impurity continues in Metzora. Houses that have mildew-like growth must be inspected, and may be replastered or torn down. Impurity is also caused by discharges from the body. A menstruating woman is declared ritually impure usually for seven days.   [aside:  it should be noted that houses and other objects have no SPIRITUAL impurity and yet are within the realm of such discussions - an oxymoron or self-contradiction viv-a-vis certain sages?  Infection and contagion control seem more pragmatic explanations - and keeping the masses as least stressed out as possible.]

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