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Shabbat Shemini Atzeret followed by Simchat Torah [10/7-8]

 [commentary at bottom]

Shavuah Tov!  


Due to health difficulties All in person activities are cancelled until further notice except phone consultations and discussions possible as needed/ desired [928-227-0582]. Newsletter will continue.  If we have pleasant Shabbat weather, we can do an early outdoors Shabbat Morning service/torah study.  A zoom Kabbalat Shabbat will be every Fri. at 4 pm.  call to arrange or get link.



Antisemitism increasing, gun deaths rising, open and concealed gun carrying galore,

"Natural" disasters worsening, global warming climbing, governments in conflicts and war...

All this attends as we approach Days of Awe with taints of grief, perhaps guilt from acts done before...

So we beg for forgiveness while forgiving others, praying for a good year's life with hope e'er more

As we promise to vigorously fight Amalek, Repair of the World constantly pursue...

Such Tikun Olam with Love extended to all, embracing Hope: The path to Peace can ensue!


As in every year, this holds true:

Another year of days has passed us by filled with challenges and joys,

With choices along ways we sought to try through reasoning or ploys.

The ripples from each step we took,

The friends we made or forsook

Each tell of our strengths and imperfections

Weighing harshly upon our souls,

As we now realign our goals

To renew ourselves in deep reflections,

Recall our good deeds,

Return to Mitzvot,

To good guidance heed,

For world repair lead,

But above all note:

Prosperity cannot truly come without Peace.

Shana Tova Tikateivu!

Appreciate your History and Devotion to your Law


Shabbat Shuva Shalom! Do we hear and heed the Laws of the Brit? At Beit Torah we strive to do so:

HaAzinu 5784 Listen Up and Heed!; Dvarim 32; 2 Samuel 22


Before the Heavens and the Folk Kin

Moshe’s nourishing words were spoken:

Hear me and take these, my words, to heart!

G!d's perfect; we Folk flawed from the start!

We children who strayed need to recall

HaShem who gives power to us all.


The Elders will unite, repeat the history

To all who stray: of the hungry desert eagle

Led to highlands of plenty grown fat and regal,

Forgetting Hashem, to the Brit a vexation,

Paying dearly for poor choices with misery

So deeply felt, some will repent their relation

To the evil they’ve done until they’re fully healed;

Given a path for return, avenged as needed,

(Both done by HaShem supporting those who heeded);

Enemies destroyed, Nations proclaiming our weal!


These words Moshe and Joshua recited

Before all the People who were warned to heed,

To rely on Brit in our hearts to save our lives…

Moshe rose up to meet Mt. Nebo’s ascension need,

Facing Jericho, the Promised Land he could see,

A long desired place where his body would never be…


The Haftorah length this week with the Parasha length competes,

An unusual occurrence, not an ordinary feat!

In deep felt gratitude David prepared his song,

Thankful to have escaped murderous Saul so long,

Enough to be rescued despite anguish and fear

Since HaShem received his claimed faithfulness as clear…

So David followed HaShem’s guiding lights

And knew he could reach anointed heights...

Gmar Chatima Tova!

On Yom Kippur, Sunday eve through Monday


​Shabbat Shuva Haftorah reiterates Moshe's words

To make very sure that his thoughts all the Peoples have heard:

Follow the Brit Laws to thrive, in order to stay alive,

Else you will find yourselves cursed with horrors, plagues, death, or worse!

In this way you'll keep the promise the Ancestors received

Of fertile land, abundant crops, and healthy families!

Shabbat Sukkot 5784

We sit out in open nature and wonder where it will go.

The flowing waters are receding, the critters languish so

While we build yearly Sukkah "homes", inviting guests of all sorts,


What will the wildlife do to survive when we close off their ports?

Do we give them a way to thrive as we feast in safe abodes?

Or do we make it hard for them as we destroy their safe nodes?


We should remember that they, too, are our guests for protection.

We should work to give them shelter safe from adverse detection.

I know not how to fix this world so full of imperfection

Mixed well with hate, man-made disasters, sanity's rejection.


Since I fear this Season's love and dear forgiveness will not last,

We need to reach out to love all others, our ethics held fast...

So I pray we all go forward embracing Sukkot's ideals:

Family, food, forgiveness, and Repair of the World made real!


Chag Sukkot Sameach!

Sukkot IS Outdoors!


Now what a joy it is to realize

That Sukkot’s a holiday all outside!

While far distancing we can pray and more

Like shake the Lulav, observances’ core -

Do Sukkah hakafot should we desire

As we now share good weal we so admire.

Eating delicious meals becomes no chore

When positive wishes come through the door.

So YES to outside with guests we don’t hide:

RBG or grandpa, dead or alive!

Sukkot Chol HaMoed 5784


Some bugs with flies, few bees and ants galore

Wanted a Sukkot breakfast to explore

Without needing to use the Sukkah door.


Then over the honey, a plastic bag,

And strong wind made it hard for them to score...

Wind, too, dropped leaves on table, folk, and floor...


Prayers, Tanach reads, lulav shakes were done

In the Sukkah - but leaves in food aren't fun!

So in we went to eat at home once more!

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