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Contact Info for Beit Torah:
2004 Shoshone Dr.
Chino Valley, AZ 86323
Please remember to sell your Chometz by April 21.  Form copied below. 

 Kabbalat Shabbat zoom for Shabbat  HaGadol, Parashat Metzora, 4/19/24.  This parasha deals with environmental purity and how to keep safe from environmental contamination.  It is also time to remember to sell chometz by the 21st of April! [form below]

Please email to request link:  or  ask to  be put on weekly newsletter list, email  or snail mail.

​Kabbalat Shabbat on zoom every Friday.  4 pm MST during Daylight Savings Time. 

[4 pm PDT, 5 pm MDT, 7 pm EDT] 

Shabbat morning Torah discussion as per pre-arrangement. 

Call 928-237-0390 or write   -

FOR SALE OF Chometz 5784

I, the undersigned, fully empower and permit Rabbi Dr. Adele Plotkin to act in my place and stead, and on my behalf to sell all Chometz possessed by me, knowingly or unknowingly as defined by the Torah and Rabbinic Law (e.g. Chometz, possible Chometz, and all kinds of Chometz mixtures).

Also Chometz that tends to harden and adhere to inside surfaces of pans, pots, or cooking
utensils, the utensils themselves, and all kinds of live animals and pets that have been
eating Chometz and mixtures thereof.

Rabbi Dr. Adele Plotkin is also empowered to lease all places wherein the Chometz owned by me may be found, particularly at the address/es listed below, and elsewhere.

Rabbi Dr. Adele Plotkin has full right to appoint any agent or substitute in her stead and said substitute shall have full right to sell and lease as provided herein.

Rabbi Dr. Adele Plotkin also has the full power and right to act as she deems fit and proper in accordance with all the details of the Bill of Sale used in the transaction to sell all
my Chometz, Chometz mixtures, etc., as provided herein.
This power is in conformity with all Torah, Rabbinic and Civil laws.
Signed: ______________________________________________
Date: ______________
Name: ________________________________________________
Address/es: __________________________________________
City/ State/ Zip: ____________________________
Send to: 2004 Shoshone Drive, Chino Valley, AZ, 86323 For more info, please call us: 928-237-0390 or write to:
Typically a donation is sent with the form. Our suggested minimum donation is $18-, Chai. However our primary concern is that all who wish to sell their chometz have a way to do so. All donations welcomed but not required.


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