Commentaries for 5782

9/11:  May we build upon the memories of those departed from this world through the blessings they bestowed upon us... 

Shabbat Shalom! Do we pursue true repentance and amends? At Beit Torah we strive to do so:

Shuvah, VaYeilech 5782 Return, Atone, Amend; Dvarim 31; Hosea 14:2-10; Joel 2:15-27

Moshe has gotten old and needs to retire.

As military leader, he has no fire.

So Joshua is charged to be HaShem’s hand,

To do HaShem’s will when Folk enter the Land,

Post-softening up those to be dispossessed,

Before the People move in and Josh can rest.

All the Law teachings to be kept with the Ark

And read at Sukkot every Shmitah year

So then all Folk could be kept out of the dark:

Women, children, men, even strangers would hear!

Although now Torah’s read throughout the year

And completed every third or - each year…

At the Tent of Meeting the transfers occurred:

Leadership to Josh; the writings by the Ark;

Predictions to Levites and to each Elder:

Moish dies; Folk stiffnecked; forewarned in song so stark,

Taught to the People that evil comes to all

If they’re idolatrous or spurn the Brit Laws…

We now encourage all to write at least part

Of a Torah during their life if they’re smart...

Recognize now your guilt, repent, and be healed”,

Shuva Haftorah says, so life will be sealed.

Do not let a mockery be our Nation

With no sign of HaShem by others perceived…

Atone in truth so blessings can be received.

As in Tashlich, hurl all sins into the sea!

The predicting poem, come the next week will be...

May we forgive trespasses against us and be forgiven for ours! May we lovingly return to a life of mitzvot!

Gmar Chatima Tova!

And Shabbat Shalom!

Our hearts go out to Afghans and the victims of Hurricane Ida. Help if you can, please.

for Sept. 18

Shabbat Shalom! Do we hear and heed the Laws of the Brit? At Beit Torah we strive to do so:

HaAzinu 5782 Listen Up and Heed!; Dvarim 32; 2 Samuel 22

Before the Heavens and the Folk Kin

Moshe’s nourishing words were spoken:

We children who strayed need to recall

HaShem who gives power to us all.

The Elders will unite, repeat the history

To all who stray: of the hungry desert eagle

Led to highlands of plenty grown fat and regal,

Forgetting Hashem, to the Brit a vexation,

Paying dearly for poor choices with misery

So deeply felt, some will repent their relation

To the evil they’ve done until they’re fully healed,

Enemies destroyed, Nations proclaiming our weal!

These words Moshe and Joshua recited

Before all the People who were warned to heed,

To rely on Brit in our hearts to save our lives…

Moshe rose up to meet Mt. Nebo’s ascension need,

Facing Jericho, the Promised Land he could see,

A long desired place where his body would never be…

The Haftorah length this week with the Parasha length competes,

An unusual occurrence, not an ordinary feat!

In deep felt gratitude David prepared his song,

Thankful to have escaped murderous Saul so long,

Enough to be rescued despite anguish and fear

As HaShem recognized his faithfulness was clear…

So David followed HaShem’s guiding lights

And knew he could reach anointed heights...

Gmar Chatima Tova!

On Yom Kippur, Wednesday eve through Thursday

And Shabbat Shalom!

Our hearts go out to Afghans and the victims of Hurricane Ida. Help if you can, please.

High Holy Days 5782

Once more we embark upon a New Year.

Once more we tremble with a well known fear:

Were we good enough to deserve Good Book sealing -

Or will we be left with adversity, reeling?

One more chance on Sukkot to shed our sins

Since on Hoshanah Rabah the willow we’ll beat

Until all leaves whirl loose upon the wind

Before the gates of Heaven then retreat.

So we wish one and all a sweet New Year

With happiness, blessings, health and good cheer!

Dripping Sukkot 5782

So up went the Sukkah taller, bigger, better

Much to the deep disagreement of the weather.

With area flood warnings, lightning, thunder, and rain;

It looks like we might have a soggy week again!

Still that won’t stop us from the very festive mood

Of lulav, etrog, and all the yummy, good food…

Of ushpizim and family joining to feast…

So we hope it will be dry for the meals at least!

Simchat Torah ! Do we rejoice in the law? At Beit Torah we strive to do so:

Simchat Torah 5782 ; Dvarim 33-4; Joshua 1:1-18; Bereishit 1-2:3

Zot Habracha, This is the Blessing

So Moshe blessed the People with much hope,

Reminding all that HaShem reached out

To beloved People in many places,

Those who in heritage and teachings stout…

The King of the Upright then spoke of tribes:

The few of the Reubenites will survive;

Judah’s tribe will be helped against their foes;

Levite’s rules followed more than kin goes;

Ben protected; Joseph blessed above bro’s;

Myriads of Ephraim as bulls, wild;

Thousands of Menashe also so riled;

Zebulan will go on journeys a lot;

Heights to sea/sand riches Issachar got;

A Lion of Justice for Israel, Gad;

A lion’s whelp from Bashan Mountains, Dan -

(Though not his portion ‘til conquered later);

Naphtali lived in South and West rich lands;

Beloved securely, Asher oil maker;

Thus all tribes were given a hopeful stand…

For all Hashem’s refuge protects, shields,

Loves so Moshe viewed the Land, the whole field

From Pisgah of Mount Nebo he saw!

Then in Moab land he went out to die

But none knew his final burial site…

For thirty days bewailed; Folk grief was raw…

Joshua as planned took over the reins.

None ever rose up like Moshe again…

Bereishit – [the beginning of] In the Beginning

Six epochs of time the Creation took.

After each one, HaShem took a good look.

Deciding that all what was seen was good…

For the seventh time frame: rest as one should...

Chag Sameach !

Shabbat Shalom! How will we start this cycle anew? At Beit Torah we we will discuss what we can do:

Bereishit 5782 In the Beginning!; Bereishit 1-6:8; Isaiah 42:5 - 43:10

Bereishit –  In the Beginning

Six epochs of time the Creation took.

After each one, HaShem took a good look.

Deciding that all what was seen was good…

For the seventh time frame: rest as one should…

Now man who was made in a lush garden was placed.

Eden it was called, a location we’ve not traced.

To not be lonely, a helpmate for him was made.

The only rule: No eating from the knowledge tree!

Serpent was wily, enticed the gullible maid

To eat the fruit of the forbidden tree -

So when HaShem came a looking, what was to see?

Both children had eaten the fruit and were hid

As they knew they were naked and no longer kids…

HaShem was wroth, a price was to be paid:

So the Serpent crawled on belly then on

And People were expelled from garden fronds…

As children do, their Cain and Abel fought.

Cain killed Abel, then by HaShem was caught -

Left to procreate inventive offspring

While brother Seth and other sibs did bring

Adam’s and Eve’s genealogy line…

Mixed with Nephilim, half- E. T.’s,

The population grew less and less fine.

Cruelty, hatred, bigotry was seen;

Wickedness and perversions did abound -

But Hashem viewed Noach with favor found...

Shabbat Shalom!

Our hearts go out to Afghans and the victims of Hurricane Ida as well as all the ever increasing gun violence victims. Help if you can, please.

Shabbat Shalom! Can we prevent another mabul? At Beit Torah we we will discuss what we can do:

Noach 5782 Arrogance; Bereishit 6:9-11:32; Isaiah 54:1-10 [Sephard]

Noach was quite kind, honest, and fair.

He had three sons for whom to take care.

Still in a world so lawless and vile,

‘Twas hard to be cautious all the while…

So HaShem chose to start once again

By bringing on a flood with much rain.

Yet before ‘twas done, Noach was told

A three deck ark to build with roof hatch

For Folk and critters and food to hold,

Including family and his catch

Of two couples each impure critter,

Of seven couples of those ones pure,

And food enough to feed all aboard…

Then seven days later came rain tour

Continuous for forty long days…

For one hundred fifty full days more

Only water afar could be seen.

Then for forty days water recedes

Until Noach sent out a raven

That ate carrion but then came back

As did the dove sent also to look

For a place to roost along her track…

Seven more days once more dove sent out,

Returned with an olive leaf sprout!

Seven days more, dove sent out again

Not to return as rest spot was gained.

Fifty-six days more, all left the ark.

Noach built a sacrifice altar

In gratitude to HaShem and Hark!

HaShem promised him “never again”

With a covenant of no blood to eat,

No murder allowed, a Rainbow Brit!

Noach was farming vineyards and land.

In drunken sleep naked found by Ham.

His youngest son was rebuked quite hard…

Yet all in re-population starred

To spread to islands, lands and cities,

Mountains, nomads, beaches, folks of seas…

With all one language, arrogance came,

So they thought to build high to their fame

A tower on which would rest their name.

If left to succeed then thought HaShem:

Any goal they would have, they could do…

HaShem with others made speech garbled,

[Why?] Communications confounded…

The tower fell amidst the babble,

The dispersion of Folk compounded...

Shem’s line led to Nachor, then Tarach,

Dad of Avram, Haran, and Nachor.

In Ur they lived until Haran died

[In the Elamite invading war?].

So Tarach took Avram, Sarai, and Lot

Away West to Chauran where they stopped

Although en route to a Canaan spot.

Lot, son of Haran, was as a son

Won to “an exalted Dad”, Avram…

Together they’ll flee moon worship lands

For trips to Egypt and Canaan sands…


my favorite:

Noach’s Journey

Afloat on a boat on waves unending -

How do forty days adrift passing feel?

A galley so large for to feed the crew

and varied critters to protect their weal…

Wind howling, G-d scowling with barf bags near…

Was there faith with trust – or perhaps just fear?

I think I would prefer a space ark rather than the sea

With cryogenic chambers of the critters yet to be.

Concentrated food and drink packs to feed those not asleep

As we all wait out the storms for the waters to recede…



Isaiah told Israel to have trust,

That her numbers would grow to be greater

Than the nations yet to be dispossessed,

To be over-run by her then later,

Without embarrassment for her as loved

By HaShem who promised her no rebuke,

No more Mabuls – rather everlasting

Loyalty and friendship – Not just a fluke!

For 10/16...   Shabbat Shalom! Where should we go to get enrichment? At Beit Torah we we will discuss what we can obtain in our present circumstances:

Lech Lecha 5782 Searching; Bereishit 12:1-17:27; Isaiah 40:27-41:16

As was the intent of Tarach to go to Canaan,

So now Avram, Sarai, and Lot decide to move on

With strong encouragement from HaShem and gathered wealth.

With HaShem’s promise of much offspring to take the Land,

They travelled bit by bit in Canaan, Negba south,

With famine following as they travelled on the sand

Until they had no choice but to go to Egypt’s house…

Now Sarai was of such beauty, she knew she had to plot

A way to save Avram from Pharaoh’s lust, ever hot.

So with both together, a sister ploy plan was got!

Yet with Sarai in harem, Pharaoh’s household, the lot,

Made ill… Per Josephus, Lot revealed Sarai as wife!

So Pharaoh banished them with extra wealth and no strife…

The Negev was too crowded for both Avram’s and Lot’s

Considerable collected servants, wealth, and flocks.

So Lot: east to Zoar; Avram in Canaan did stay,

Praising HaShem in Hevron at an altar he prayed…

Being blessed again with many offspring, Promised Land

To be their forever home, by their numbers made grand.

Around where Lot settled there were five Kings in control.

Four other Kings invaded. All people and wealth they stole.

An escapee told Avram who with men rescued all,

Including Lot and his possessions, but took no gain…

Avram only asked that his men get their full booty share….

The Salem king blessed Avram for his courage and name -

HaShem blessed Avram with Land and offspring once again,

But warned of their long servitude in a foreign fare…

Sarai had no child. Hagar, her surrogate became.

Sarai was harsh with uppity Hagar who then fled

To be returned after promised her son’s future fame:

Ishmael, Father of twelve nations, the Holy said.

Avram with Sarai promised: parent many nations

If the covenant of circumcision they maintained.

Hence Avram circumcised all his household, self, and son

So that male offspring to Sarai could still be won.

With their new names newly changed: Avraham and Sarah,

Their lives newly arranged to meet their future stations...


The way HaShem works, to people it is rarely clear.

Young need to learn to follow and trust that wisdom’s way

That Israel is chosen and should no longer fear

For HaShem helps the Chosen who should trust all their days.

Shabbat Shalom!

Shabbat Shalom! How can we listen to and understand HaShem? At Beit Torah we we will discuss suggestions on how to do so:

VaYera 5782 Listening; Bereishit 18:1-22:24; II Kings 4:1-37

Near the terebinths of Mamre, some Hevron trees,

Came three strangers to Avraham in the day’s heat,

Messengers from HaShem come for Bikur Cholim

And to tell of what was yet to come, it seems.

Now hospitality reigns over pains of brit

With water, bread, milk, curds, and roasted meat complete.

Sarah would bear a son in a year it was said.

She heard and laughed in joy – at her age to be bred!

Plains of Sodom and Gomorrah to be wiped out

Twas told. Avraham bargained with HaShem – so bold!

Yet ten righteous men in those plains weren’t found about.

So HaShem prevailed to destroy those plains, their holds,

With brimstone which cremated Lot’s wife as they fled

With their two daughters to Zoar, messenger led…

Still Zoar was not quiet, might yet be destroyed…

Therefor Lot and his daughters were more than annoyed…

They went up the hills to a cave, food and wine stocked.

With no others near them, the girls feared they were locked

Into celibacy in a new world without men.

So they plied Lot with wine until pregnant with sons:

Moab and Ben-Ammi, who then later become

Moabites and Ammonites. For Folk, erstwhile friends.

In Gerar the sister-wife ploy was used once more.

With an infertile household, Abimelech King

Heard from HaShem of the plot in a vivid dream.

He paid Avraham his household health to restore

Since the dream said he had Prophet magic galore!

Sarah bore her son, Yitzchak, in less than a year -

With an eighth day Brit and upon weaning feast…

Ishmael could inherit, not her son, she feared.

Then to stop inheritance rights, Hagar was freed

While promised many nations her son would lead!

Avraham, Abimelech got along indeed.

So when there was a well dispute’s settlement need,

King Abimelech said Avraham dug that well.

As well marker was planted a tamarisk tree…

Now perhaps most perplexing during Yitzchak’s youth

Was Avraham’s taking him and wood up to pray

On a mountain with an altar but no goose…

Was Yitzchak rebellious? To be shown the way,

Avraham bound him on altar as if to say

Our HaShem will save you yet on this very day!

Lo! A ram tangled or tied in brambles was seen,

Then ‘twas used for sacrifice. Yitchak got off clean

With respect for HaShem reinforced in his mind,

Yitzchak, in shock, left alone, his own path to find…

Lastly the family line of Nahor is told

Listing Rifka and other cousins in the fold…


To Elisha, a widow her woes cried out:

In debt; destitute; facing slavery too…

So he said: gather vessels from all about

Which he caused to be filled with oil, brand new,

Til there was enough for all debts to be paid

And to live comfortably all of their days…

A Shunnamite gave Elisha a place to rest

And a room while bemoaning not having a son.

As promised by Elisha, next year she bore one

Who as a child did play in the hot fields and yet

Was stricken with heat exhaustion and seemed quite dead.

The Shunnamite hurried to Elisha in deep grief.

He quickly returned with her for the child to tend,

Reviving him mouth-to-mouth, body warmth to mend…

The child sneezed seven times to his mother’s relief!

Notes: 1- When Lot split from Avraham it was said he went towards Zoar however in this Parasha is when Zoar got its name!!!

2- As per earlier in Torah: The Dead Sea was formed [during the destruction of the Plains of Sodom and Gomorrah] from the Valley of Sidim.

Shabbat Shalom!

Our hearts go out to Afghans and the victims of Hurricane Ida and other disasters. Help if you can, please.

Shabbat Shalom! How can we value all folk equally? At Beit Torah we we will discuss whether we do or not, and how to improve as needed:

Chayei Sarah 5782 Valuing Women; Bereishit 23:1-25:18; I Kings 1:1-31

Now Sarah lived for one hundred twenty-seven years;

Died in Hevron. Yitzchak twenty-seven then would be,

A son with his own path; Ishmael almost forty:

Good life near Egypt another ninety-seven years…

So alone, Avraham, then bought a burial site

Near where he had settled, from a neighboring Hittite.

His Chief Servant a wife for Yitzchak would find, he swore,

From the Cousins in the northern city of Nahor…

Only to bring her back after bride price paid and more:

Gifts for the drooling family after she agreed.

So with ten camels laden with wealth he went to seek

A fair maiden who would care for himself and his beasts,

(Who gladly would leave her brother and his deep set greed.)

With Rifka in tow, he returned Negba to Yitzchak:

Grieving his Mom! Love at first sight! She would fill his nights!

Avraham was lonely, too. Wife Keturah he took

For six more sons who with gifts gone East

Towards Northern Arabia, Aramenian land.

So while inheriting all was his beloved Yitzchak

Who with brother Ishmael buried in fashion grand

Their Father with Mother Sarah when he aged and died

After a long life at one hundred seventy-five…


Old King David kept warm by Abishag virgin

Was a bit out of it on matters of the days.

So second son Adonijah, spoiled, claimed the throne.

Most folk did not support him nor his corrupt ways

Which threatened to murder all those who opposed him.

Hence the Prophet Nathan told Bat-Sheva all what to say

To David: ‘You promised Solomon to be King one day!’

Nathan on cue entered to warn of Adonijah’s scare,

So King David then declared Solomon to be his heir!

Shabbat Shalom!

Our hearts go out to Afghans and the victims of Hurricane Ida and other disasters. Help if you can, please.

post note:

It is not often that something annoying pops up in comments about the parashot.  However this past week someone posited the truly unsupported and pedophilic suggestion that Rivka was three years old when Yitzchak married her.  A three year old would not have been put in charge of the livestock feeding and watering.  Further it is hard to imagine a three year old riding a camel by herself, jumping off by herself, and making sexually aware actions and comments upon when seeing her intended.

In Talmudic discussions it is recognized that these abuses occur.  Hence the discussion was on how bride price is affected.  However there is at no time an approval of such abusive behaviour.  Nonetheless there have been ‘Rabbis’ who support such a horrific suggestion.  There have also been a number of ‘Rabbis’  who have been caught [and some even prosecuted] for pedophilia with 7-8 y.o. boys in yeshivot.

Typically when early age marriages were arranged, the girl child would be taken into the groom’s family but no marriage was consummated until after she started menses.  Even so, there have always been abuses by perverted men which often then later had to be addressed by the religious courts.

Shabbat Shalom! How can we mesh Jewish values with cultural norms? At Beit Torah we we will discuss whether we do or not, and which culture[s] we need to adopt:

Toldot 5782 To be a Hurrite; Bereishit 25:19-28:9; Malachi 1:1-27

Yitzchak grieved for thirteen years before Rivka came on the scene.

For twenty years more he begged HaShem to give him some offspring…

Twins took hold in Rivka’s womb. She asked HaShem to stop their fight.

HaShem promised her two mighty nations they would grow to be

With the older serving the younger, in future she would see.

Red Esau came first, then Yaacov holding his heel most tightly:

Red outdoor hunter to meet Dad’s palette with spiced meat just right;

Pensive Mama’s boy home-body, learning from all in his sight.

For Yaacov’s stew, hungry Esau, under oath, sold his birthright…

Famine made Gerar, Philistia, a welcome place to go.

Yitzchak did fear. So they tried another sister-wife show.

Yet Avimelech was wise to them, but understood fearful thoughts.

So he told all his countrymen: as to Yitzchak, your hands keep off!

Then Yitzchak settled near Gerar gaining herds and many folk,

But some Philistines were jealous and Avraham’s wells clogged up.

Avimelech was concerned, told Yitzchak it was no joke,

That he needed to leave town before skirmishes would erupt.

So to Wadi Gerar he moved, but was chased from two wells more

[Esek and Sitnah] until the third, Rehovot, was good score!

Yitzchak’s men dug a seventh well. Avimelech came to meet,

Along with his entourage, he sued for peace, a sworn Pact, Brit!

The well (Beer), called Sheva, gave water. Beer-Sheva the place was named.

Yehudit and Basmat, Hittite wives of Esau, were his shame…

With Yitzchak’s eyes failing, he asked Esau to hunt, cook some game

To be blessed… Rivka prepared Yaacov to go in his stead

With Esau’s clothes, kid skin arms, savory goat favorite stew…

Yaacov was blessed with all brothers as servants the Hurrite way…

Esau swore to kill his brother once his Father died. Enraged,

He caused his Mom fear. She sent Yaacov to Laban as he fled,

But told Yitzchak it was for him to find cousin wives to woo…

Esau, to please them, took Ishmael’s child, Machalot, to wed.

Malachi Haftorah:

It seems HaShem preferred Yaacov’s over Esau’s ways

As a “Father” deserves honor and reverence through all days.

So why scorned? Altars defiled? Cursed are all folk and Priests who stray!

Still the Levite Brit stands if they follow truth, lead none astray...

Shabbat Shalom!

blast from past:

Toldot 5781 ; Repeating; Bereishit 25:19-28:9; Malachai 1:1-2:7

Once again two brothers, sibs looking like day and night,

one righteous and caring, the other ready to fight.

Once again two paths of opposite extremes,

both leading to great nations by either means.

Was it a con on Yitzchak or a story to share

with neighbors whose bias was firstborn inherit there?

Yet Hurrite practice was to the most worthy must go

inheritance despite needing to flee in fright and woe!

Shabbat Shalom! How can we incorporate Jewish values into our families? At Beit Torah we we will discuss how best to do so:

Vayetzei 5782 Family Vagaries; Bereishit 28:10-32:3; Hosea 11:7-12:12 [Sephard]

On the way to Laban in Charan, Yaacov had a dream

About a passage up to HaShem, traffic going both ways.

Therein HaShem again promised land and numerous offspring

As promised before to Avraham and Yitzchak in their days -

Including saying that all other nations will bless their stand…

Yaacov bargained that if he returned home safely indeed,

He would embrace HaShem who there dwelt at Beth-El… thus vowed he!

Continuing eastward, Yaacov found folk near a well who

Pointed to Cousin Rachel and all her flock – and Laban knew…

So Yaacov moved the well stone and watered so her’s could share...

Then they went home to be welcomed by Laban: his sister’s son

To his home and for his daughters – a potential groom had come!

With deceit he charged fourteen years labor for both daughters fare…

With twelve children in tow, Yaacov wanted to go on home

But Laban convinced him to stay.

For six more years of labor with speckled, spotted, dark, and roan

Goats and sheep given as his pay.

Laban gave him a flock to tend with none of these color tones.

Yet Yaacov bred many claiming HaShem said to use rods

Carved with desired patterns to gain

Some speckled, spotted, dark studs for breeding colors of the same…

A good story for the soo ignorant Laban and his sons…

Facts say Yaacov’s careful observations likely were done.

Laban’s sons were jealous. For Yaacov ‘twas time to go home.

So while Laban was out shearing, on camels with flocks they flee…

On third day Laban chased – a week to overtake them it took

And to accuse them of sneaking away with an idol crook…

Yaacov trusted that there was nothing amiss to be seen.

He let Laban search, naive to realities of deceit…

Not so with Rachel who understood well her Father:

To restrain violence he surely would not bother.

She knew she needed to interrupt his decisions

By removing his counselors, idols of visions...

So that claims to property and children became moot;

So that in local court he could never win a suit.

Thus Jacob, Leah, Rachel showed family unity

With fourteen plus years resisting Laban’s impunities.

Still discord and fear of Father Laban, his offspring,

Who were ready to fight for all flocks, lands, and well springs -

Until a treaty was agreed to amid a feast,

With boundary markers set and servitude released!

Would Laban have agreed to such a complete defeat

Had HaShem not warned him to desist while in a dream?

So that place was called Gal-ed, later, Mitzpah’s the name…

Then HaShem’s folk met Yaacov near the Canaan border.

Mahanaim thence named to recall their return’s fame…

Sephardic Haftorah:

To give up on the unfaithful Folk, HaShem refused.

So the lands of Ephraim and Judah were beseeched

Repeatedly: return to HaShem, no Laws abused,

To avoid dishonesties, idolatries eschewed

Until forgiveness, repentance, and returns are reached…

The Ashkkenazi version ends on a more positive note:

Forgiveness, repentance and returns will be achieved.

Shabbat Shalom!

Our hearts go out to Afghans and the victims of Hurricane Ida and other disasters. Help if you can, please. May we honor our Veterans and their families by providing good counselling, good jobs, good family assistance as needed, good medical care, etc.!

Shabbat Shalom! How can we heal the divisions in our families? At Beit Torah we will discuss how we’ve tried:

Vayishlach 5782 Family ; Bereishit 32:4-36:43; Ovadia 1:1-21

Yaacov struggled with his pain

over fear of brotherly wrath.

One misstep done and he could go lame

or even lose sons along his path.

Then in fierce struggle with his inner pain,

Yaacov pulled his hip… Was it a sprain?

With whom he struggled, would not give his name -

Although Yaacov’s to Israel name was changed.

Hard to overcome family discord

as when broken sib trust must be restored:

Language is cautious, actions even more so

as family unity’s where they must go:

‘I now won’t step on yours, please do not step on mine.

If together we do so, we both should be fine.’

Yet even that path was still fraught with danger

When Dinah was raped by a Princely stranger.

Shimon and Levi killed all the Shechem men,

Vengeance for their sister’s rape – and then

They fled: midwife Devorah did die;

Rachel, bereft, in childbirth did cry:

“By my suffering I am killed.”

Jacob’s sorrow could not be stilled…

[But Son Reuven did not flee,

Clan leader he tried to be...]

Jacob buried Rachel on the way

to Father Yitzchak, where he could stay,

who lived one hundred eighty years we’ve heard:

By both Jacob and Esau was interred…

Both the twins went on to live long, fruitful lives.

Esau’s line in this parsha end is described...


Ovadia believed that revenge on Esau should be taken,

So he predicted a war with Edom was in the making

From which all Edomites would end up removed,

The Land would be possessed and judged, all idolatry destroyed

With return of morality, the Torah Law re-deployed...

Shabbat Shalom! Can we avoid family misbehaviours? Such we’ll discuss at Beit Torah:

VaYeishev 5782, Family Misbehaviours or Yad HaShem?; Bereishit 37-40; Amos 2:6 -3:8

Beloved Yosef grew up favored and spoiled

What with tattling on concubines’ offspring.

So of course they were jealous and quite roiled

When told of bowing to him in his dreams…

Yisrael sent Yosef to check on his bro’s

On a day they moved from Dothan to Shechem.

While plans to kill Yosef grew as hatred grows,

Brother Reuven said ‘no!’, ‘in a pit put him!’

Then they all sat to eat and talk about him

When Judah saw traders in a caravan

And said ‘sell him!’ to save him and change the plan…

Yet, tell Father with bloody coat that he was dead…

While traders to Egypt’s Potifar sold his head…

Potifar’s lustful wife tried for Yosef’s bod’

He refused. She lied that he had grabbed her, lewd…

Pharaoh’s guard took Yosef to jail where he grew

To be in charge of other inmates he knew.

So when they had weird odd dreams, they asked his view...

Told them true: baker dies, cupman’s job renewed

On Pharaoh’s birthday! ‘Yosef’ cupman forgot…

From Judah’s sons, Er and Onan, Tamar was widowed twice.

Third son Shelah was ‘too young’, so Tamar was told to wait.

Judah’s wife died. He cried, then went to Timnah for sheep to shear.

Tamar had upset friends who helped her plan how to be nice

To Judah along his way posing as a harlot dear.

His signet seal, staff and cord, he left as promise of pay…

But Tamar went on home. The harlot was not to be found.

Three months later, Tamar could be seen with child all around.

Burn her’ Judah said until stopped as Tamar spoke out loud:

This seal, staff and cord belong to the father in this case’

Judah thought and declared her most righteous, decree erased…

Come term were twins. Zerah’s hand first but Perez out ‘fore him.

Two babes for two dead mates… a twist of fair justice for them..

Great things are yet to occur for the house of Judah’s bairns.

From Judah’s sad losses were Israel’s glorious gains!

Said HaShem, as per Amos, there is a reason

You went down to Egypt and were brought out again.

Still, you have defiled our Brit in ev’ry season

For greed or lust, violating the pure for gain.

Yet I destroyed the Amorites, brought you to their site!

So now I will make your every move hollow

Until you let the Prophets speak and them follow.

Then, the purpose of my works and acts will come to light!