Commentaries for 5782

9/11:  May we build upon the memories of those departed from this world through the blessings they bestowed upon us... 

Shabbat Shalom! Do we pursue true repentance and amends? At Beit Torah we strive to do so:

Shuvah, VaYeilech 5782 Return, Atone, Amend; Dvarim 31; Hosea 14:2-10; Joel 2:15-27

Moshe has gotten old and needs to retire.

As military leader, he has no fire.

So Joshua is charged to be HaShem’s hand,

To do HaShem’s will when Folk enter the Land,

Post-softening up those to be dispossessed,

Before the People move in and Josh can rest.

All the Law teachings to be kept with the Ark

And read at Sukkot every Shmitah year

So then all Folk could be kept out of the dark:

Women, children, men, even strangers would hear!

Although now Torah’s read throughout the year

And completed every third or - each year…

At the Tent of Meeting the transfers occurred:

Leadership to Josh; the writings by the Ark;

Predictions to Levites and to each Elder:

Moish dies; Folk stiffnecked; forewarned in song so stark,

Taught to the People that evil comes to all

If they’re idolatrous or spurn the Brit Laws…

We now encourage all to write at least part

Of a Torah during their life if they’re smart...

Recognize now your guilt, repent, and be healed”,

Shuva Haftorah says, so life will be sealed.

Do not let a mockery be our Nation

With no sign of HaShem by others perceived…

Atone in truth so blessings can be received.

As in Tashlich, hurl all sins into the sea!

The predicting poem, come the next week will be...

May we forgive trespasses against us and be forgiven for ours! May we lovingly return to a life of mitzvot!

Gmar Chatima Tova!

And Shabbat Shalom!

Our hearts go out to Afghans and the victims of Hurricane Ida. Help if you can, please.

for Sept. 18

Shabbat Shalom! Do we hear and heed the Laws of the Brit? At Beit Torah we strive to do so:

HaAzinu 5782 Listen Up and Heed!; Dvarim 32; 2 Samuel 22

Before the Heavens and the Folk Kin

Moshe’s nourishing words were spoken:

We children who strayed need to recall

HaShem who gives power to us all.

The Elders will unite, repeat the history

To all who stray: of the hungry desert eagle

Led to highlands of plenty grown fat and regal,

Forgetting Hashem, to the Brit a vexation,

Paying dearly for poor choices with misery

So deeply felt, some will repent their relation

To the evil they’ve done until they’re fully healed,

Enemies destroyed, Nations proclaiming our weal!

These words Moshe and Joshua recited

Before all the People who were warned to heed,

To rely on Brit in our hearts to save our lives…

Moshe rose up to meet Mt. Nebo’s ascension need,

Facing Jericho, the Promised Land he could see,

A long desired place where his body would never be…

The Haftorah length this week with the Parasha length competes,

An unusual occurrence, not an ordinary feat!

In deep felt gratitude David prepared his song,

Thankful to have escaped murderous Saul so long,

Enough to be rescued despite anguish and fear

As HaShem recognized his faithfulness was clear…

So David followed HaShem’s guiding lights

And knew he could reach anointed heights...

Gmar Chatima Tova!

On Yom Kippur, Wednesday eve through Thursday

And Shabbat Shalom!

Our hearts go out to Afghans and the victims of Hurricane Ida. Help if you can, please.